Grace Doty is a pop rock singer/songwriter
born and raised in Westchester, New York.
Her musical influences include the complex harmonies of Crosby Stills & Nash and the classic rock tunes of The Beatles, as well as acts such
as Paramore, Susan Tedeschi, Alison Krauss and John Mayer. Grace's dynamic voice displays both crystal-clear angelic tones as well as bluesy/husky qualities which enable her to sing soft whispery tunes, ballads, rock n' roll, jazz and everything in between with great skill. In addition to being a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and classically trained vocalist, Grace is an avid songwriter. Grace's uniquely edgy and honest style of songwriting balances sweet and haunting melodies with poetry, clever word-play, and just the right amount of classic rock n' roll, proving that she is a genuine old soul with a natural gift for creativity.

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